Training Available to the Public

Our training is conducted on a private shooting range north of Lenoir, NC. The meeting location for our classes is Cheek's Grill (Citgo gas station) at the intersection of US-321 and NC-268. Plan to arrive at Cheek's Grill at least 15-30 minutes before the scheduled start of the class. We will leave as group at the direction of the instructor to head to the shooting range.

Concealed Carry Handgun (NC Certification) Training

Intended for an individual who desires State of North Carolina licensure in the use of a concealed firearm for personal defense (1-day; 10 hours) - More details...

Tactical Handgun Training

Emphasizes the fundamentals and proficiency of handgun safety, equipment management and combat marksmanship. (1-day; 6 hours) - More details...

Tactical Handgun training has been redesigned to include basic, intermediate and advanced levels of training. This training will continue to be scheduled as Tactical Handgun training on our training calendar; however, the level of training received by the participant will be modified according to their advancement and completion at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. A certificate will be provided for each level of completion.

A portion of this training will consist of selected real life situational encounters that are relevant to the public. This is survival decision-response based training where the participant will determine whether to exercise the lawful use of deadly force using their weapon against adverse actions given a particular situation or event such as:

Completion of Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) training or CCH permit holder are recommended before taking this training and subject to the discretion of the instructor. A person under 21 years of age may attend tactical handgun training with a parent or guardian.